Main Page For Logging In and Registering

Video Page for  your event’s video:

How To Login or Register

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  1. Login
    If you already have registered simply login by filling in the fields corresponding to your email and password.  If you are not registered, continue to follow the steps below.
  2. Register
    At the top of the page, you will find the “Register” link.
    Choose “Register”.
    Faq Page - Image 3
  3. Fill In Your Information
    Once directed to the registration page, fill in the below fields with your information to receive a registration email sent to the email address you specified.
    Faq Page - Image 11
  4. Confirm Registration
    Follow the instructions from the received email to complete registration.
    Faq Page - Image 6
  5. Back At The Main Page
    The link in the email will redirect you back to the main page now logged in with a registered account.After registration you can now subscribe your new account to videos you wish to view.
    The email and password yo
    u have registered with will be your email and password associated to this account.

How To Subscribe To A Video

  1. On the left of the main page, you will find the “Video” menu.
    Faq Page - Image 17
  2. Choose the “Subscribe” link.
    Faq Page - Image 12
  3. Read the details of each package, and proceed to purchase what suits your need.
    Faq Page - Image 18
  4. Once the subscription has been processed, you can find your subscribed videos by going back to the main page, and on the left hand side choosing a category under “Video Menu”

Finding Subscribed Videos and Watching Subscribed Videos

  1. To find videos based on a “Rider” you can choose: “Rider Videos” which can be found under the “Video” Menu”.
    Faq Page - Image 9
  2. Once redirected to the “Rider Videos” video page you can search by keywords to find a video by horse or rider.Faq Page - Image 15

    Advanced Search will filter by show:
    Faq Page - Image 4


  3. You can then find associated videos based on search results. If you have purchased a particular video, the video will be active and have “play video” on the video’s icon:Faq Page - Image 8If you are not yet purchased the video, it will continue to have “Subscribe” on the video icon:

    Faq Page - Image 20

    If you are subscribed and see play video, then you will be able to start to watch the video after you click on the video icon. If the particular video you have chosen is not available to watch/download based off of your subscriptions, you will receive a prompt to subscribe after clicking on the video icon. With the subscription page, you can then proceed to subscribe based off of need (ie. “single clip” or “my horse”), follow instructions above to subscribe.  If you believe you are subscribed to this particular video or associated videos, and still can not access the video, you can contact support. The “Support” link can be found at the top of  the main page.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 5.08.09 PM

  4. Similarly you can access video footage that is streaming or that was once streamed by accessing “Archived Streams” or “Live Streams”:Faq Page - Image 10


  5. Archived Streams are also available for subscription, which will be the same procedure as above, and by choosing:
    Faq Page - Image 18

Downloading and Sharing

After subscribing to your desired videos, you may wish to share a video with others or to social media. You may also wish to download the file to have accessible on your computer.

To do so, within the Video page, browse to the video you wish to download/ share, and open the video that you are subscribed to that you wish download/share.

How To Download A Video/ Where Do Downloads Go?

Within the video you will find on the right hand side a series of options:
Faq Page - Image 24

If you are subscribed to the video, you will see the download option as green:
Faq Page - Image 1

If not:
Faq Page - Image 7

Downloading (When Subscribed):

  1. Choose the download option, and you browser will proceed to download the video file.
    Faq Page - Image 22

Note: Depending on your media player application, the video might be opened by that application and will start playing on your Computer.

To access the downloaded video file, by default the browser saves your downloaded files in your “Downloads” folder.

On a Windows Computer:

  1. Go to “My Computer” or on Windows 10 “This PC”
    Faq Page - Image 13
  2. Within Explorer, on the left hand side you will see “Downloads”
    Faq Page - Image 21
    Searching for “My Computer” or “This PC” in the Start Menu will bring your directly to your user’s folders which is also where you will find the “Downloads” folder.
    Faq Page - Image 19

On a Mac:

  1. Click on the finder icon:
    Faq Page - Image 14
  2. On the left hand side, you will find your downloads folder.
    Faq Page - Image 16

How To Share A Video

To Share By Social Media:

  1. Within the video you will see a series of three options on the top left hand corner of the video player.Faq Page - Image 23Each depicts the method of how you can share the clip that you are subscribed to.
  2. After choosing the Facebook or Twitter icon, a new tab with the login page to the corresponding social medias will prompt you for a login. Once logged in, you will have the associated URL ready to share or post.

To Share By Email:

  1. Choose the Email icon, your mail application will launch and will have the associated URL avaiable to send by email. This requires that you have your email application set up on your Computer.

The URL produced in the above steps will be linked to your subscription and will allow you to share a viewable/subscribed video.